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Game in a Week! – Day #2

Hi Guys!

So the target for today was to start coding and plan out the code layout; which I did. As I predicted yesterday, this has not warranted an excessively long or exciting blog post.

I was hoping to catch up on some of the graphical work which I couldn’t do yesterday but instead I had some real world socialising to do (Which involved drinking beer, so I didn’t mind, although it is why this post is being done this morning and not last night!)

I’m starting to think perhaps I have chosen the wrong week for this, what with Easter round the corner, the kids being off of school and a few other things which are making this slightly less fun than I was expecting.

This little lady was possibly the nicest distraction of the afternoon, and we spent a good hour coding and eating sticks and mud in the garden 🙂

Anyway, that’s pretty much this post over with, I’m going to crack on shortly and get some more of the actual coding done and hopefully have some game to show you come this evenings post!

Until then, have fun!