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Game in a Week! – Day #0

Hello World,

It’s been a while since I last posted here, there is much news to share but I will save that for another post.

This post is all about programming. I’ve been working pretty hard the last few months doing little else but designing, coding, polishing, testing, redesigning, recoding, retesting etc. the User Interface for the latest ‘Warriors of the Cucumber’ title and to be fair I feel like I need a break, a new challenge, something to mix up the daily routine and stop things from getting to stale.

Inspired by Alex Norton’s own project ‘God of thunder’ which he made in around a week, I wondered if I could push myself to make a fun, playable and (above all) professional game in only a week!*

Not only this, but clearly I’m a glutton for punishment because as well as attempting to get this entire project done in a week; but I am tempted (after perhaps a little more work, lol) to enter it in the GDWC afterwards.

I am also planning to blog the entire thing for posterity, whether it’s a success or not, it’ll be a valuable experience and also great fun 😊 I hope you’ll stick around for the week 😃

I will be working (as closely as I can) to this schedule.

  • Day 0. Planning Day – Coming up with all the ideas and plans
  • Day 1. Creating media
  • Day 2. Roughing out code
  • Day 3. Finishing code
  • Day 4. In house testing
  • Day 5. Bug fixing and polishing
  • Day 6. Beta testing
  • Day 7. Final bug fix and polish

The project will be developed using The Game Creators multi platform programming language, AGK2; with the usual compliment of, Blender and Audacity for editing media. I plan on using mostly pre-purchased media for this project, so bespoke elements shouldn’t take too long to create.

Today being day 0, and also a lovely sunny day, I have spent most of the day sat in the garden pouring my creativity out onto paper, planning out details of the game.

There are a few assumptions I’m making about this project, which I will list here before we get too far in. I am planning to use some of the old DBPro/FPSC models which I am not actually sure how well AGK2 will load. I am also hoping to get this working with In app purchasing and game centre achievements, but as I have never done either of these before, it may cause unexpected delays.

With all that in mind, let me introduce you to my idea…

Name: T.B.C.

Brief: You control one of (currently) four characters as they battle for their lives against waves of increasingly deadly zombies.

The game will be 3D, with a fixed isometric style view, with the character centrally located on the screen in the centre of an illuminated bit. I’m unsure if the level will need background stuff, or if there will just be fog or darkness. I will play this by ear until I get that far, or have any better ideas.

The player will control the character using a thumb stick in one corner of the screen and a couple of buttons in the other. (I am considering offering lefty-flip in the options)

Dead zombies will sporadically drop pickups, which can be levelled up in the store section.

Pickup List:

  • Health pack – Increases player health
  • Body Armour – Increases damage player can take (essentially extra health?)
  • Ammo – More gun juice!
  • Repair barricades – Fixes the barricade
  • Extra Damage – Player causes more hurt!
  • Dynamite (Smart bomb) – Causes damage to all on screen baddies
  • X2 – Doubles score (cash?)

The characters will have individual stats which will be increased either by purchasing in store, or by earning stats by levelling up (undecided as yet)

Character stat list:

  • Health – Take more damage
  • Speed – Turn quicker
  • Weapon Skill – Reload quicker
  • Luck – Increases chance of zombies dropping a pick up
  • Barricade – The strength (and visual) of the barricade

Each one of the four characters has the same number of stat points initially, but with variance in the spread.

I’m undecided yet as to the levelling up bit exactly, I have some research and some ideas but I’m waiting to actually “play” the game before deciding on exact values for XP boundaries and the like.

The game will scored on the number of minutes and seconds the player survives for, with this being the basis of the high score board.

The player will also earn coins and XP points for the number of undead killed. (Obviously, XP increases as zombies become tougher)

Players who want to level up faster, who are impatient or just be better than everyone else can also purchase extra coins using real world money via in app purchasing.

There are also going to be several achievements available as unlockable trophies to encourage longer term play. Although again, these will be decided upon slightly later on depending on how the game plays.

And that I think covers everything, if I have missed anything out I will come back and edit the post but its gone midnight now and I am struggling to keep my eyes open. I will post tomorrow to let you know how the next day has gone.

Also, if anybody wants to sign up as a beta tester (you need to have a google plus account, and a google play account) but feel free to drop me a mail >here< and I will send you the details on how to sign up

Catch you all tomorrow (hopefully slightly earlier than this)


* The eagle eyed amongst you will probably notice that the week in the plan actually consists of 8 days, Day 6 (Beta testing) wasn’t counted, as it’s spent just waiting for feedback from the beta team

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